Q: Are your tennis surfaces rated under the International Tennis Federation Pace Rating Classification?

A: Yes, please visit individual product pages to download copies of the ITF Certificates

Q: What sports are your products and surfaces suitable for?

A: We specify any and all court sports. These include the popular sports such as tennis, netball, basketball, but we also have surfaces suitable for aerobics, badmitton, indoor hockey, Futsal, roller blading, table tennis, volleyball, dancing and gymnastics both for indoor and outdoor, and some courts are line-marked for multi-purpose use of any combination of the above. 

Q: How do I select the right surface for me?

A: Rebound Ace sports offers a wide variety of different systems that are tailor made to suit purpose and budgets. Contact your nearest agent or enquire direct to Rebound Ace Sports who will be happy to discuss which surface is best suited to your needs. 

Q: What colours are available and can I have a combination of different colours?

A: We have 12 standard colours in our range and two-tone coloured courts (different inner playing area to outside playing area colour) are very popular. 

Q: Can I play other sports on my Rebound Ace court?

A: All of the Rebound Ace systems are designed to accommodate many sports such as basketball, netball, volleyball. The benefits of being a multi-purpose surface is particularly useful for school use. If you have a special surface need just ask us. We will most likely have a solution for you, but if not, we may be able to point you in the right direction. 

Q: Where can the Rebound Ace Sports surfaces be used?

A: We have many installations throughout the world in locations (indoor and outdoor) such as courts on top of high-rise apartments, in car park areas, on cruise ships, shopping centres, schools, health clubs, Navy, Army and Air Force multi-purpose centres, sports centres, private homes and exclusive holiday resorts; Courts that are under 10 of snow during winter months and courts that are subjected to 52?C soaring heat in the Middle East in Summer. Wherever you want to play sport we can provide a suitable court for you.

Q: Are your systems environmentally friendly?

A: Our systems are based on a combination of acrylic and polyurethane technology, water-based and solvent free and we use large quantities of recycled rubber for our cushioned courts. Using recycled rubber has a very positive effect on the environment. Our systems are designed to be refurbished and not replaced . This dramatically reduces waste disposal and the ancillary costs related thereto. 

Q: Are your courts easy to maintain?

A: Yes, Rebound Ace Sports systems are based on pure acrylic resins which have proven over the years to be superior products for recreational surfaces. The systems are colourfast, weather and ultraviolet resistant, and long wearing. To maintain the playing and appearance quality of a Rebound Ace court requires very little maintenance. Generally, a weekly sweeping to remove debris off the surface and a yearly gurney with domestic quality water is enough to keep your court looking great for many years.
Common causes of an unsightly court are:

  • Dirt contamination
  • Mould growth due to organic contamination
  • Food/drink contamination
  • Specific contamination
  • Bird and wildlife contamination
  • Shoe sole staining/rub marks
  • Oil/grease marks
  • Following the recommended procedures is the best way to ensure optimum life of your court, but even with no maintenance and extreme environmental conditions the surface will stand up to the challenge. Consult Rebound Ace or your Applicator for recommended maintenance/cleaning procedures .

    Q: What is unique about Rebound Ace?

    A: It is a cushioned surface which provides all the benefits of a clay court but is also durable, low maintenance, and can reduce leg, ligament and lower-back injuries. It is also fair to all styles of play. 

    Q: What is the situation with injury on the Rebound Ace surfaces?

    A: A survey was conducted by the Women s Tennis Association in 2006 and the results were that Rebound Ace courts did not cause injury taking into account all players and all tournaments, the figures showed that less than .01% of all players were injured and that of those players, all without exception were players already carrying injuries into the tournament prior to playing on Rebound Ace. 

    Q: Why choose Rebound Ace over clay and synthetic grass courts?

    A: The play properties of synthetic grass are just not there in terms of tournament level or for the development of stroke play. Also the wind will blow the sand away and owners will spend more time bagging and maintaining the synthetic grass courts than playing on them. Synthetic clay courts are just as bad, they are just red synthetic grass with red sand. On the issue of clay courts, we simply don t have the climate or weather conditions suitable for clay in Australia. With the recent dry conditions and current water restrictions, it s almost impossible to maintain clay courts. Many years ago, people in Europe and even Victoria didn t need to worry about water provision. Now water restrictions are creating a problem for clay court owners in that they are unable to keep up the continual watering and maintenance required by these courts. With Rebound Ace, it doesn t matter what the weather is, if it s raining or dry, you can still play. Rebound Ace Sports can also offer Clubs a proposal for water efficiency.

    Q: What should someone look for when choosing a court?

    A: Firstly, look for a company with a reputation for quality courts and a long history of developing court surfaces. Ideally you should be able to view existing courts that have been in place for many years. Secondly, decide how much time you would like to spend maintaining the court. Rebound Ace surfaces, for example, require the lowest amount of maintenance and will enable you to spend more time on the court playing.

    Q: What is a typical installation like and does your company do the actual installation?

    A: Our fully trained Approved Applicators install each surface. Rebound Ace Sports manufacture the product. Once the slab is poured (concrete or asphalt) and the fencing and lighting have been completed, the cushioned surface is laid and a liquid applied over the surface. 

    Q: What is the typical life span of your courts?

    A: For domestic use, they can easily last 15 20 years. At Clubs where the courts are used 24/7 they should last 5 6 years. With a Rebound Ace court, when it requires upgrading, it is just the top surface that needs to be replaced, which is very cheap to do. 

    Q: I have a tennis court at home but it is cracked and looks unattractive?

    A: Rebound Ace Air Cushion is the perfect solution to old, cracked or dis-used surfaces. Air Cushion can be laid over existing surfaces, including clay and synthetic courts, and provides a unique cushioned surface that is ideal for all ages, and for promoting good stroke and practical skills development for junior players. 

    Q: Why choose Rebound Ace over alternate acrylic surfaces being offered?

    A: Other acrylic surfaces can polish and become slippery with regular use after 1-2 years; Rebound Pro Cushion has more softer cushion for an equivalent thickness; Rebound Pro Cushion surface will last much longer before resurfacing is required. Rebound Ace surfaces maintain slip resistant properties even during light rain showers or night time dew on the surface, whereas competitor s products become very slippery, especially after 1-2 years use. Rebound Pro Cushion retains its colour for the life of the surface and does not fade or chalk. All the USA systems start to chalk and fade slightly over time when exposed to sun. 

    Q: What is unique about Rebound Ace?

    A: It is a cushioned surface which provides all the benefits of a clay court but is also durable, low maintenance, and can reduce leg, ligament and lower-back injuries. It is also fair to all styles of play. 


    – Mark WIlliams,

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