California Sports Surfaces

CALIFORNIA SPORTS SURFACES (CSS) is a team of the most prestigious brands in the sports surfacing industry. Rebound Ace joins DecoTurf and Plexipave under the CSS umbrella of acrylic surfacing products. CSS offers surfacing solutions for a variety of sports such as basketball, track, netball, and most notably tennis. Some surface products can also be utilized in decorative projects at playgrounds or bike paths. CSS provides surfaces for every budget from textured colored coatings to 8 mm cushioned mat surfaces. Rebound Ace brings several unique product offerings to our robust portfolio of surface options.  The 5 and 8mm mat systems offer joint support and comfort unmatched in the industry, while the color finish is one of the most vivid on the market. By joining the CSS family, Rebound Ace has increased its geographical reach. CSS offers a global network of authorized applicators. These installers are backed by factory technicians and have been trained by the CSS team in best practices. California Sports Surfaces is a division of California Products Corporation.

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Rebound Ace

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